A brief history of netthing

0.0 A sort of one page affair which had a couple of jokes, one about a dinosaur and another about credit cards, I seem to recall.
1.0 Curry of the week, essentially.
2.0 A hideously ill-conceived version which didn't go by the name of netthing and had all manner of revolving nonsense on the start page. This lasted about six months before I scrapped it in embarassment.
3.0 The first version with the purple frame and the green text. More stuff added such as fractals and javascript games and gizmos.
3.1 As 3.0, but appearance is now handled by a style sheet. More reliance on javascript for dynamic page generation. Comments and login area added.
3.1a As 3.1, but incorporates modifications required for the switch from www.netthing.demon.co.uk to www.netthing.co.uk. Redesigned the main page.