• A version of the game, Mastermind, which, unlike the original game, doesn't rely on some idiot scoring for you.

  • The game is played as follows:

  • Click 'New game'. A random sequence of four coloured balls will be generated from a possible six colours. You have to determine the correct sequence by a process of deduction.

  • Try to deduce the sequence. Click on a ball to set its colour. Repeated clicks will cycle the colours back round to the beginning.

  • When you are satisfied with your solution, click 'OK'. A ball of the correct colour in the correct place is indicated by a white peg in the right hand column. A ball of the correct colour but in the wrong place is indicated by a black peg. Four white pegs indicates a correct solution.

  • If your solution is incorrect, click 'Carry' to move your sequence up to the next row ready for your next attempt. You have ten attempts.

  • If MasterBonce is too large for you browser, click here for a frameless version or here for a fullscreen version. In fullscreen mode, the keys 'Alt-F4' can be used to exit.