Computers and Programming

JavaWorld A very good resource for Java developers. Features, tutorials, news, forums, etc. You know the drill.
MSDN Online Microsoft - love 'em or hate 'em, there's a huge amount of information at this site and it's not all Microsoft specific. The Libraries section is extremely good - you get the whole MSDN Library online for nothing but the price of a phone call.
Slashdot A sort of rolling/scrolling tech news site. New stories appear at the top of the page and disappear at the bottom. In the course of their voyage from the top to the bottom, varous interested parties discuss them. Sounds dull? Nah, Gawd bless yah, it's great!
DevCentral An excellent site for programming tutorials on languages and APIs such as C/C++, Java, MFC, VB, COM, OSF/Motif.
Dr. Dobbs Journal An online resource for the magazine of the same name. I usually find the magazine seems to assume you're some kind of rocket scientist who dabbles in brain surgery and does a bit of programming on the side. The online version, for some reason, seems far more accessible. A bit of a goldmine for programming resources.
Pov Ray The inimitable POV, home of the POV-Ray modelling and ray tracing software. A wonderful piece of software for those of us with a creative bent but who can't draw for toffee. It's free as well. Why? Well, I guess they're just nice people.
Java Just Another Virtual Architecture. Does it really mean that? It probably just reflects the fact that programmers drink a lot of coffee. If you didn't know, Java is a cross platform, object-oriented programming language. Again, as with POV-Ray it's free to download. But bigger.