Odds and Sods

Dilbert Where would be without the daily Dilbert cartoon?
UK Street Map This site has the entire UK mapped and online. It's great for zeroing in on a postcode.
Babylon 5 Episode Guide An astoundingly comprehensive guide to the best TV Sci-Fi show around. Let's face it, it knocks Star Trek into a cocked hat, but does raise a few unanswered questions from time to time. This site attempts to answer some of them.
Astronomy Picture of the Day Discover the Cosmos from the comfort of your own home. A new picture every day, ranging from the sublime to the quite-frankly-a-bit-dull-sometimes. There's also a list of previous pics of the day dating right back to June 1995. Well worth a gander.
The Motley Fool The bizarrely named Motley Fool is a site devoted to the acquisition of huge amounts of cash. A finance site basically, which offers useful advice, allows you to keep track of your shares, and provides market news amongst other things.