Search engines

Google is my main Search Engine, and why not? It seems to find things with uncanny accuracy.
Google Groups Do I buy an Epson 750 or an Epson 700? Do I learn C++ or Java? Which Iain Banks book should I read next? (Doh! Just buy one, eejit!) These are the questions people are asking; Google Groups (formerly DejaNews) has the answers.
Alta Vista This used to be my main 'Search Engine', which is probably because it begins with an 'A' and so appeared at the top of a list somewhere. Tried to become a portal at one point but now seems to have reverted to the simple search engine front end in the style of Google.
Yahoo This is quite good if you don't know what you're looking for, but just know you want to look at something. The hierarchical layout makes for a good random clicking experience.
Ask Jeeves If you can't stand (or even understand) all this boolean AND/OR nonsense, then Jeeves is your man. Just ask him a question. Nine times out of ten he doesn't know the answer but may turn up something vaguely related to your query.