Welcome to netthing, a positive Gormenghast of thrills, spills and delights. Well, actually, it's not that good but there are some nice images and a few decent curry recipes.

Expect to find the following:

  Ray traced images
A small collection of ray traced images. These were all created and rendered with Pov-Ray. Hopefully I will add more if I ever find enough time to do so.
  Fractal images
Fractals - you've seen them before; we all have. You may groan, "Gordon Bennett, not fractals again." However, having put in some considerable effort writing a fractal generation program I feel compelled to display the results. I make no apologies.
  Curry archive
When Demon Internet first granted it's clientele the ability to spout forth on the world wide web, I was initially stumped for an idea for my own web page. Eventually, I hit upon the idea of 'Curry of the week'. At the time, I was eating quite a lot of curry, as you do, and decided to share with the world my favourite curry of each week. This soon proved to be so popular that virtually no one visited my site. Find here the whole inglorious history of 'Curry of the week' from Jardaloo Sali Boti through to Paneer Balti with Prawns and Scallops.
  Stuff and nonsense
This section features some games, gadgets and gizmos written using JavaScript and various other web wizardry. Stuff and nonsense in other words.
A collection of some of my photographic endeavours.
  Web links
Gah! Endless lists of links that don't work half the time; this page is probably no exception. These are some of the links that I find most useful.
  The Zone
This area has restricted access. 'Why?', you cry. Well, 'Why not!', I cry back.
If you feel inclined to make some sort of comment relating to this site, this is the place to do so.
  Search the site
Searches the site for anything you like as long as it's text.
  About netthing
What? Why? Who? None of these questions, and more, are answered in this section.